Members of the institute undertake research projects and engage in consulting activities regarding federalism and regionalism. The institute became involved in consulting in the 1980s, working in partnership with Poland`s Solidarnosc free trade union movement.

It subsequently acted as a consultancy for a number of government and scientific institutions of the former Soviet Union. Its innovative conception of federalism feeds through to the consulting activities, providing those states engaged in transformation with the possibility of peaceful and consensual development within the limits of their social and cultural traditions.

Most of the institute`s consulting work is carried out in eastern Europe, including the Caucasus region, as well as in the People`s Republic of China, various Arab countries, Turkey and the island of Cyprus.

The frameworks of our work range from basic issues relating federalism to particular tasks including specific problems of local self-governments, monitoring and evaluation requirements  including election observation missions etc. 

The Parvus Archive finances its research activities from its own funds. Consulting projects are conducted on basis of fees and grants.